Story restoration is the way I do counseling

I seek to engage each of my clients much more deeply with their own stories, particularly the formative traumas that they are trying to medicate away with various forms of addiction. I have yet to find an addict with only a single “drug” – so we usually end up exploring the other places in their lives they are hiding from, whether through substance (chemical) or non-substance (like sex, work, the internet, or relationships) medications.

As we explore your story, we will find some of those areas where you have been wounded by life – places which often need to be revisited over time, as we grow and mature and change – and we will explore new ways of healing and rebuilding.

As you prepare to move into to chapters in your story – like marriage, parenting, “empty nesting”, or other significant life changes – there is often uncertainty about how these changes will affect your life. As those stories develop and change, we can explore what tools you already have – and what new ones you may need to develop – to successfully navigate them.